What are we doing?

Right now, I’m riding on a bus on the way back from a JV football game. Last Friday night, our first football game of the season ended in a victory. Football is in full swing. Yet, I can’t shake a thought. What are we doing???

I enjoy football. I love the time with these young men. The opportunities to point them to Christ are numerous. We can share our own testimonies daily. No doubt good things are happening. Yet, as I read the news about Egypt and the attacks on Christians, or the supposed chemical weapons attack in Syria, I can’t help but think, “What are we doing?” In the grand scheme, are we (I) more interested in the sport of those playing the sport? Are wins more important than teaching Christ. Admittedly, this could be the outflow of my own heart. I’m sure some feel coaching to be a calling. I don’t think this is true for me. Then again, the lordship of Jesus extends to the football field, right? I believe so.

Why this post? I feel a tension. Sometimes the “mundane” daily jobs feel less glorious to endless “significant” possibilities in all the greener pastures. Maybe you feel it. My desire is to be a part of something “meaningful.” Yet, what exactly defines a “meaningful” job? I think ultimately this answer is simply found in faithfully serving Christ. May Jesus give us grace to consider meaning and significance not in what we do, but whose we are.


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