“Babies Are Murdered Here” – A Movie

Tonight, I watched another movie/documentary on abortion. About a year ago, the story broke from Philadelphia about a doctor there who was eventually convicted of murder as he would kill babies born alive during an abortion procedure. He would snip the back of their necks. You can find that website which carries that film by searching “3801 Lancaster.” That film broke my heart. That might have been the first time I really learned the horrific and gruesome process of abortion. Tonight’s had a similar affect.

The film is called “Babies Are Murdered Here.” I’m not sure who put the video together, but it is extremely well done. This movie comes from an explicitly Christian perspective (as does this entire blog). Sin is called out. Murder is called for what it is. The Bible’s stance on murder of innocence is clearly articulated. Yet, the movie does not stop there. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed. If you can spare an hour, I’d encourage you to watch this.

Here is the link.




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