Bad Bumper Sticker: “Against abortion? Get a Vasectomy.” … Really!?

Driving around town the other day I saw a car too heavily plastered with bumper stickers. As you might gather, I’m not big on bumper stickers. Totally a personal opinion, nothing more. This particular car had a lot of what would be defined as feminist stickers. This car also had stuck to it a badge of higher learning. So, I gathered that the owner of this car was portraying an image of education, sophistication and enlightenment. One particular bumper sticker caught my eye. It read, “Against Abortion? Get a Vasectomy.” That particular bumper sticker showed the above image (one of being educated) to be only that, an image. Let me explain.

If you are unsure what a vasectomy is, I would encourage you to do a little research. Allow me to oversimplify what this procedure does. This procedure cuts two parts of the male anatomy (which does not have its’ own heartbeat) so as to disallow the possibility of procreation. See, this particular procedure actually affects the male body. And, if you are paying attention so far, you can see the logic (albeit poor logic) used here. Since the “fetus” (which we know to be a baby) is part of the female’s body, she has the right to do with it what she wants. Yet, an abortion is not the cutting of an organ or object that is part of the women’s body. An abortion stops a separate heartbeat. The child being carried is not simply another part of a woman’s body, but a separate body all together.

A similar procedure to a vasectomy for women might be getting their “tubes tied” (tubal ligation). This would actually affect a woman’s body in the same way the male procedure would. This procedure would not end a beating heart. This is a huge mistake to equate a vasectomy with ceasing the heartbeat of a living person. This demonstrates the way culture is being fed information that is inaccurate. Telling people you have the right to do what you want with your body may be accurate, but a baby in a womb is not “your” body. It is his or her body. It is a separate body, a body with its’ own heartbeat.


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