Logical Conclusions Matter

Ideas have consequences. And, a consistent set of ideas will have consistent, logical outcomes. Allow a silly example. If I began eating too much junk food (or, too much food, period), not exercising, and doing only mentally difficult exercises, I will gain weight. The logical outcome follows the ideas. All that happened, by the way, […]

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There’s a Crack in the Foundation

About four years ago, I left the pristine walls of graduate theological academia completely intent to transfer my vast body of knowledge to my truly blessed students. While in grad school, it was never communicated verbally that our system of doctrine, the Reformed tradition, was the only system to accurately reflect the fullness of Christ’s […]

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A “Real World” Education

I read a great blog post this morning by Dr. Justin Tarte where he hoped we educators stopped saying “in the real world” (you can read it here). I was convicted. As I have been carefully thinking through educational philosophy, it occurred to me reading this article that if we in secondary education are not […]

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