A Tale of Two Christmases

As Christmas as come and gone, I’m reflecting on the two Christmas narratives that run concurrently during the month of December. On Christmas narrative is the ideal portrayed best in various holiday movies and songs, on in the wondrous photo taken above (the photographer and photograph was linked via pinterest). There is a particular channel […]

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The End of the World

“And here, O Arseny, what is important is that the end of the world for each individual person will come within a few decades after birth – each gets however much time is allotted. (Ambrogio leaned toward the horses’ neck and exhaled into his mane.) The overall end of the world worries me, as you […]

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Experimental Science of Faith

“No one becomes learned in the science of God either by the reading of books, or by the inquisitive investigation of history. The science that is acquired by such means is vain and confused, producing much pride. That which instructs us is what happens from one moment to another producing in us that experimental science […]

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Old Tales

“As organs of the Body of Christ, we are assured our eternal self-identity and shall live to remember the galaxies as an old tale.” – C.S. Lewis, “Membership”, Weight of Glory Lewis is probably in my top three of my most important thinkers. He just knows how to say things. He knows how to take a […]

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Mystery: the Life of Faith

Mystery makes the soul live by faith; for all the rest there is nothing but contradiction. The divine action by one and the same stroke kills and gives life; the more one feels the death to the senses and reason, the more convinced should one become that it gives life to the soul. The more […]

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When He Broke Bread

In Luke 24, Jesus is raised from the dead and beings a series of appearances to his disciples. Two of those disciples are the men walking on the Emmaus Road. You may be rather familiar with the story. There, two men, at least one named being Cleopas, are walking from Jerusalem after the emotional week […]

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Time, Eternity, and Salvation

I wrote a few days ago about salvation and “sola fide.” While on the subject of salvation, I want to suggest an idea I’ve been wrestling with for some time now concerning the possibility of universal reconciliation (though another post on just when after death this might happen may be warranted).  This is not my announcement […]

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