Look at Stars

When I consider your heavens,
    the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
    which you have set in place,
what is mankind that you are mindful of them,
    human beings that you care for them?

-Psalm 8: 3, 4

There are many benefits of living in our digital age. Information becomes readily available to masses of people. Communication between people from opposite ends of the globe are common place. Our technology creates for us endless possibilities. Yet, I feel drawbacks exist. One drawback in particular is our ability to be awed by the grandeur and mystery of the universe.

Psalm 8 is a rather popular Psalm, and might be rather familiar to many. However, these two verses took on a slightly new significance for me recently. Here, the Psalmist says “when I consider your heavens”, I am in awe. Do we/I stop and consider the heavens often enough? With massive screens in our homes, do we ever feel the need to breath the fresh air, watch the wind in the trees, or gaze upon the stars? I can only speak for myself. No, I don’t.

I remember the first time I went hunting and had such an awe-inspiring experience. Right around dusk a number of does walked out into our field. My friend and I each shot a doe and off they ran. We waited for thirty minutes or so and then began our tracking. The trail lead into the woods, and after searching for a while in the cloudless winter night, we found those animals who would bless our dinner tables for many nights to come. Standing over the doe I remember looking up to the stars. The leaves were all off these trees so the stars were remarkably clear. I have never seen so many stars. The utter darkness in the woods contrasted with the brilliant light from the stars was stunning. I have never felt so small. Where we were in Mississippi was a long, long way from any city lights. Despite the darkness of the woods and my smallness (and absolute ability to be lost in those woods without digital technology!), there was the real sense that God cared for me personally. Why? That’s the wonder of faith.

I don’t have those experiences often. Maybe that’s because I don’t take my eyes off my screens enough and “consider your heavens.” Maybe if I did, humility, awe, wonder and a right perspective on life would be more evident in me. God has left himself a fantastic witness in universe he made. If we only would consider it.


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