Untouched by Trouble

The fear of the Lord leads to life;
then one rests content, untouched by trouble.
Proverbs 19:23
This school year has been an education more well rounded and more painful than all my classes for my various degrees. Yikes! I know running, managing and informing a classroom full of teenagers is a challenge after having done it for a while. I’m realizing how the challenges grow in weightiness when you go from overseeing a classroom to overseeing the discipline program for the secondary department. Now, the barrage of frustration comes not just from students who think you are unfair (though that still exists), but colleagues who know better ways to do your job and even parents  who see their children as idyllic youngsters despite the evidence to the contrary. In short working, managing, counseling, and disciplining people is hard, hard work. Not much glory to it.
But, then I read Proverbs 19. My anxiety and frustrations about a myriad of issues actually reveals something about my heart I’m not too proud of. I don’t fear the Lord. Of course, working for a Christian school forces me to say I do. But, actions reveal what the heart really believes. I’m not resting content like the Proverbs says. I’m not “untouched by trouble.” Rather, I’m the opposite. That’s the reality.
Thankfully, however, the reality need not stay the reality. Fearing the Lord, finding fullest joy in what he thinks as opposed to what others think is not a natural talent, but one learned. If I can train my physical body to accomplish new tasks, why can I not train my spiritual self to learn new tools? I believe I can. I believe my spiritual muscles need to be worked. . . and, boy are they ever. The Lord is taking care of that.
This workout is not a bad thing. God ordains trials for his glory and our good. Through days like today (which was awful), my eyes are forced open to accept the reality that my trust is not in the Lord, but in man’s opinion. Thankfully, the Lord only brings us to storms to lead us through the storms. Now, Lord willing, as these conflicts will inevitably continue, my sense of peace and contentment will grow as I learn to fear the Lord. I look forward to the day not when troubles necessarily cease (though, that will be nice), but when troubles come, I can say, Because of the Lord’s goodness I am untouched by trouble.
*If curious, photo Googled came from here.

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