Secret Thoughts: A Must Read

I just finished Rosaria Butterfield’s The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert. This book was phenomenal.

Her journey from unbelief to belief is a story which screams the wild, unrelenting love of our Good, Good Father. Her story is another reminder that God’s grace reaches in all directions and calls people from sin, no matter the particulars concerning types of sin, to salvation. Her story sheds so much light into so many areas our Western Evangelical church needs to reassess.

Much of her narrative is her testimony which includes her journey from sexual sin to sanctity. Here is an area where the church needs to learn so much about relationships, honestly, truth, love, community, and hospitality. Rosaria’s honest and frankness is refreshing. If you wonder how the church might minister compassionately like Christ to the myriads of situations, read this book.

Rosaria also writes about the meaning of Christian marriage. With her background personally and professionally, hearing her articulate what a Christ-centered marriage ought to look like demonstrates powerfully the change that comes in coming to Christ. While her words may not be new, her description of Christ-centered marriage does come a new perspective and “new” history. When people from dramatically different life experiences find themselves together at the shared table of Christ, one’s faith can only be encouraged.

One last item that made this book so good was her pages on adoption, foster care, and Christian compassion. Her understanding of family and God’s role in bring about a family in remarkable ways was incredible. Her stories are gripping, often heartbreaking. Reading these pages will probably force you to consider ways you might be more merciful to the outcast and disenfranchised. It did for me.

Excellent book. Extremely well written (Rosaria does have an PhD in English!) Her narrative is brutally honest, at times funny, often sobering. This book has already been a blessing to many readers. May it continue to be a blessing.


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