Thirsting For God: Matthew Gallatin

If you are a Protestant, but sometimes wonder if Protestantism is missing something, here is a thought-provoking read. I’ve been Protestant my whole life, yet recently there’s been a search for something that Protestantism hasn’t supplied. I wondered whether it was me. However, Gallatin, a former-Protestant-covert-to-Orthodoxy, uses his own personal journey as a means of […]

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My Enemies are Powerful

But my enemies are vigorous and powerful Ps. 38:19a (HCSB) I’m on a journey of learning how to read the Bible not so much from the rationalistic perspectives of Western Christendom where the meaning of the passage is found only in what the writers literally meant. The Psalms are a great place to practice this skill. […]

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To My Former Students

I’m sorry for the arrogance and pride with which I tried to show you the grace, love, freedom, mystery, and beauty of Christ.  I’m sorry that more often than not, I displayed the truth that “knowledge puffs up” rather than “love builds up.” Years have passed since I left seminary and returned to the high […]

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