Brant Pitre on the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist

My brother-in-law gave me a book about two weeks ago by Brant Pitre on the Eucharist and it’s Jewish Roots. Without a doubt this is one of the best books I’ve read this year, maybe the past couple of years. This book was devoured in a matter of days. It caused me to rush back to my Bible asking, “Whoa! Is that really in that passage?” Time and again, my question was followed with a resounding “Yes!”

Pitre unloads a wealth of knowledge about the original Passover that is often overlooked in Protestant circles because of our different view of the Lord’s supper. Yet, what Pitre has to say only heightens the significance not only of the Meal, but also the connections between the two testaments of Scripture. More than that, this books demonstrates the essential link between Jesus and Moses, both of whom were responsible for leading God’s people from exile into promised land. Pitre shows clearly how Jesus’ exodus, while following a ancient paradigm, vastly exceeds the scope of Moses’ exodus on every level, physically, spiritually, morally, psychologically, etc.

Pitre is careful to walk his readers through dense passages in Exodus and Leviticus that can be easily passed over when we are trying to complete out “one year reading plan.” Whether you come to these chapters with advanced degrees in biblical studies or are new to the Bible and curious what to do about these seemingly odd sections of Scripture talking about incense, bread on golden tables, and sacrificial offerings, Pitre will remove the veil and give you fresh vision of the beauty, grandeur, and majesty of our God preparing human hearts for his own incarnation.

My copy of this book is marked up. It’s a book I found myself putting down often, but not because it was boring (remember, I finished it within a week). I had to put the book down to process the “Aha!” moment, the sheer brilliance and wonder of his work was jaw-dropping. In one sense, this book makes you long to worship and to partake more intimately of the Savior’s presence.

Phenomenal book. Take time to dive into learning about the Lord’s Supper.

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