I Should Be Silent

Silence and Ego(taken from Twitter, https://twitter.com/since33)

A few days ago while on Twitter, one of the accounts I follw, @since33, posted the above picture. I was stopped in my egocentric tracks. The more I thought about it, the more convicted I became. I also became more convinced of the truth of Seraphim’s words. Yet, have I practiced silence more since early this week? No. Why not? Because I am proud.

What does it say about me that I love to have the last word? What does is say that I feel I need to be heard?

Why? Who am I?

I want to tell my jokes and see people laugh at my wit. Or, I want people to be impressed by my reading in this area or knowledge in that area.

Why? Who am I?

I’ll tell you. I am one who is like the breeze, here today and gone tomorrow (Ps. 78:39). I live and speak as if I’ll be here forever, as if my own personal existence deserves attention and recognition. Lord, have mercy.

Those who follow Christ are called to seek first his kingdom and righteousness. Yet, are my words always about the kingdom? No. Are my words always uplifiting and encouraging? No. Do I always speak well of people? No. Do I speak when I really ought not? Yes. Do I feel dead air with the sound of my own voice? Yes.

Am I proud? . . . Yes.

The picture above is now hanging in my office. This is one of the countless things I would like to learn. I want to shape and discipline my wayward soul and I’m learning the only way to really accomplish such a goal is to affect the soul via the body. My ego that longs to be heard must be silenced. My belly which rages far too much for physical food needs to be shown again and again the real need for true food and drink. Loving the Lord cannot stop with our minds, but must include our heart and hands. If not, I’m not sure we really love him.

I hope the picture above was thought-provoking for others. Without a doubt, I am convicted. Here is another tool offered us in the fight against the flesh. Praise the Lord.


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