Learning from Lecrae


(image from a Google search, snapshot from YouTube)

On my run this morning, my phone chose for me Lecrae’s song “Background.” I’ve heard it many times before as its’ been around a while. Yet, for some reason, these lyrics penetrated deeper into my soul than they ever had before. I’m in a position in my life right now where I need constant reminders that I am to play the background, not the leading role.

Lecrae describes me when he says “I had a dream that I was captain of my soul . . . lost control, then I sank.” At one point during my journey I really thought I had all the answers. Pathetic, right? While I was running felt compelled to internalize the image of being the “trail of stardust pointing to the Superstar.” Too many things in my life right now may well cause me to believe the delusion that I’m the star. How foolish a notion! I’m a creature, originated from the dust, as permanent as a summer breeze. I’m called to “play the background, like its’ an instrument.”

If I confess my faults truthfully, I know I have the strong tendency within me to “no longer trust in you, cause I’ll trust in me.” I live as if I’m the only decision maker, as if my life is really my life. How foolish!

During work today I told my boss/mentor about my experience running. I told him how this song was more than just a good song to run too, but a song meant for my soul to feed upon. It was as if I was being warned that my old enemy, my rancorous pride, was starting to be revived. I was being cautioned not to act upon my inclinations to step from the background to the forefront and remain humbly and faithfully where I operate best, in the background.

Lecrae is amazingly talented. And, his words through this song are doing wonders on my soul.

Lord, by your Spirit, help me see myself as I truly am. Humble me. Keep me in the background. Remind me of the problems I created for myself trying to take the leading role. “Let me shadow you, let me trace your lines.”



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