What’s the Rush?

Have you ever had the opportunity to stop, remain silent, and simply observe the world around you? Our world is so busy. But, for what? There is a mad dash towards something. By the looks of culture, I’m not sure anyone really knows what the “something” so desperately pursued. Some run after wealth finding no amount ever satisfies. Others run after a god-like physique only to find that nature (gravity+time) always wins. Whatever the worldly pursuit, the pace is exhausting.

Contrary to the hurried life of the world walks slowly, yet purposefully, Jesus. Jesus knows where he is going, and knows for what he lives. Jesus’ end determines all his means. And, Jesus’ end is not something transitory like a certain retirement figure, a certain house, car, or job, etc. Jesus walks step-by-step towards the goal of bringing about God’s kingdom here in all its’ fullness, one soul at a time.

What would it look like living such a life? How would we structure our priorities (faith, family, work, etc.)? What would fill our homes? What would drive our spending?

I wish I could finish this post, but rather than writing an answer (thereby implying I actually have the answer), I’d rather simply pose the questions. I don’t know.

All I do know is that Jesus seems to be heading in directly the opposite way of culture. Frankly, I don’t like where I stand very often.


*Image from public domain.


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