The Same Old Story

Genesis 3 is where we learn about the fall of man and the catastrophic results coming from man’s decision to prefer self over the True Sovereign. It is my opinion we see the truth of Genesis 3 everyday we look into the TV, or into the mirror. The essence of the fall is simply this: man takes God’s prerogative and defines good and evil for himself. Or, like the picture, its’ this question: did God really say?

I do this. I question whether God really said things like, “deny yourself”, or “love your enemies”, etc. I believe Genesis 3 is not only the story that explains the world, its’ sorrows, wars, and pain. I believe Genesis 3 also tells me my true story, that I prefer my own rule over anyone else’s, including God’s. I prefer my own definitions of good. In short, I want what I want, and I want it now.

I tell my students when it comes to Genesis 3, we are missing the point if we are trying to determine how many days it took for creation to occur, or whether the story happened just as the words say. The point of the story is to tell us our true story. We were made with a purpose, but rejected that purpose because it didn’t suit our own fancy. For Adam and Eve, after their decision everything fell apart.

I can only offer my own testimony here. When I do things my way despite being told a better way, things quickly fall apart. Why? I’m limited by my childlike want. Tunnel vision sets in and until that thing is had, or that desire met, I am blind to the potential results.

Help me, Lord.

May we learn to answer life’s temptations and challenges as Christ did. He absolutely trusted God’s wisdom and truth despite the external circumstances. As such, even death was merely a doorway.

Help us, Lord.


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