A Long Retreat – Andrew Krivak

It’s hard to really describe the value of a good book. A good book isn’t just one that is engaging and well-written. A good book isn’t merely something you enjoy reading. A really good good book reads you. For me, Andrew Krivak’s A Long Retreat was a really good book. (And, what’s crazy is that I picked it up […]

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“Undiluted” by Benjamin Corey

I was sick last week. That was not fun. While sick, however, I purchased Benjamin Corey’s Undiluted on Kindle for 1.99. While ill, I read his book. That was fun. This book is not necessarily an academic foray into historic and theological Christianity, although it makes some fine points. Corey’s book gets to the heart of […]

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Thirsting For God: Matthew Gallatin

If you are a Protestant, but sometimes wonder if Protestantism is missing something, here is a thought-provoking read. I’ve been Protestant my whole life, yet recently there’s been a search for something that Protestantism hasn’t supplied. I wondered whether it was me. However, Gallatin, a former-Protestant-covert-to-Orthodoxy, uses his own personal journey as a means of […]

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