Joy Comes in the Morning

“Weeping may last for the night; but joy comes in the morning.” Psalm 30:5 The daily liturgy of nature includes a remarkable truth. On the eastern horizon, right before the first light of day stretches its’ arm beyond the horizon, the darkness is deepest. It’s the point of night where the sun had been gone […]

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“What Do These Stones Mean?”

“What do these stones mean?” –¬†Joshua 4:21 Yesterday, during a conversation with my mentor and friend I was reminded the importance of considering the past more than the future. So many of my wounds have been self-inflicted. Too often I have wondered from the narrow road turning to the right or left. The result of […]

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Resurrection and Risk

Jesus is alive. There really is no other way to account for the disciples dramatic change from those who would abandon Jesus to those who willingly gave their lives for him. There is no other way to account historically for the spread of the church through the centuries. Let me say it again. Jesus is […]

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When God speaks through the radio.

Tonight, I experienced something a little difficult to quantify for a reformed, confessional Presbyterian (or, mostly so). The Lord used a medium like Pandora radio to communicate to me something about which I had just prayed (literally!). I’ve spent some of the afternoon considering the nuclear deal the US made with Iran, which seems to […]

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