The Charlottesville Protest: Frustrations, Fear, and Exposing Racism — Reformed African American Network

Charlottesville is an hour away from me. I’ve visited several times, attended a few college basketball and football games, and even preached in a few churches in the area. So when I saw the recent pictures of a “protest” led by white nationalists and held around a statue of Robert E. Lee, it was infuriating, […] […]

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To My Former Students

I’m sorry for the arrogance and pride with which I tried to show you the grace, love, freedom, mystery, and beauty of Christ.  I’m sorry that more often than not, I displayed the truth that “knowledge puffs up” rather than “love builds up.” Years have passed since I left seminary and returned to the high […]

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High School and Life School

During my time working with high school students, I’ve had many share with me challenges they face. Oftentimes, challenges are centered around challenging people. No matter the main cause of angst, the “drama” that is normally associated with high school is rather typical, and most times is short-lived. We who have successfully passed through the […]

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Resurrection and Risk

Jesus is alive. There really is no other way to account for the disciples dramatic change from those who would abandon Jesus to those who willingly gave their lives for him. There is no other way to account historically for the spread of the church through the centuries. Let me say it again. Jesus is […]

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