A Long Retreat – Andrew Krivak

It’s hard to really describe the value of a good book. A good book isn’t just one that is engaging and well-written. A good book isn’t merely something you enjoy reading. A really good good book reads you. For me, Andrew Krivak’s A Long Retreat was a really good book. (And, what’s crazy is that I picked it up […]

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Cure for Modern Man

“The only cure for the angst of modern man is mysticism.” Thomas Merton (Wikipedia photo) Tomorrow, I celebrate another year of life. One more year of ups and downs, pains and joys. These twelve months have revealed something deeply troubling about my place in modernity. What is that revelation? That deep down in my soul, there’s […]

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Learning Stillness

“Be still. . .”  Ps. 46:10 Is there anything still or silent about our world? I don’t think so. Is there anything in the entire cosmos at rest? Nope. Even at the microscopic level, atoms are in non-stop motion. Our world is not only spinning on its’ axis, but also rotating around the sun. Our […]

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Silence and Humility

I know I’ve written on this before, but this is a consistent theme for me. Evidence for personal pride is rampant, and none more exuberant than my use of my tongue. I’m confronted with this concept everywhere I turn. What St. James wrote those centuries ago still applies: the tongue is a restless evil, who […]

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