Liberal Bias Starts Long Before College — The American Conservative

There are too many examples of college campus craziness to count. There are entire websites—such as Campus Reform and The College Fix—that specialize in reporting the liberal bias, political correctness, and all around daily madness of institutions of higher education. However, for all the attention we give to these episodes at the collegiate level, we… via […]

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What Are Your Waters?

“Save me, oh God, for the waves have come up to my neck…” Ps. 69:1 Have you ever had the experience of being at the ocean when the surf that comes in overtakes you with each crashing wave? It’s amazing the power of water, isn’t it? I mean, the same substance (mostly) that we drink […]

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“Undiluted” by Benjamin Corey

I was sick last week. That was not fun. While sick, however, I purchased Benjamin Corey’s Undiluted on Kindle for 1.99. While ill, I read his book. That was fun. This book is not necessarily an academic foray into historic and theological Christianity, although it makes some fine points. Corey’s book gets to the heart of […]

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When You Sleep

Sleep is a good thing. Who doesn’t like sleep? Who wouldn’t want just a few more minutes of it? As a parent of two young children, I know I do. When my kids don’t get the sleep they need, their attitude changes. Their irritability goes up. In one sense sleep helps keep things in the […]

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