Mercy in the Judgment on Egypt

I was reading this morning from Philo’s De Vita Mosis. Becoming well acquainted with Philo is a necessary part of my attempt at a research program (which matters little for the present post). Philo, by the way, was a contemporary of Jesus and the writers of the New Testament. He represents some rather fascinating thought […]

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Meaning in the Mist

Ecclesiastes is probably one of my favorite books of the Bible. The message is sobering and honest. Ecclesiastes offers its’ own summary: “vanity, vanity, all is vanity.” Literally, the Hebrew word used here is hevel, meaning something list mist, breath, or vapor. In other words “mist, mist, all is a mist.” Life is a mist. […]

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What is so amazing about grace?

I was driving recently listening to talk radio (something I do often). R.C. Sproul was on talking about the holiness of God. His lead into the program was by talking about a favorite Christian hymn, Amazing Grace. The point of this introduction was to ask “what is so amazing about grace?” Great question, R.C. What […]

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Missions as Fasting

Missions has been and still is a consuming desire on my heart. When the Lord will release us to serve is up to him (notice I said “when”. I firmly believe it is “when”, not “if”). The link below contains a sermon by Michael Oh which he gave at Desiring God’s 2009 conference. This must […]

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