Implied Truth: Equally Important

If I were to say, “Today is the last Sunday July and it’s sunny and crazy hot,” what all have I communicated? Explicitly, I’ve said, “It’s Sunday and it’s hot.” But, I’ve communicated other things that are equally important. I’ve also communicated: It is not Monday. It is not Tuesday. It is not Wednesday. It […]

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Becoming Like a Child

I’ve teaching at a youth/college camp this week and while doing so, I gave an illustration that I want to elaborate more fully on here. The subject of our camp this week has been the Love of God. We’re not interested primarily in doctrinal clarity in which we articulate our theological belief in God’s benevolence. […]

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Eternal Life is a Gift

Before I begin, let me give you a link to check out. I started reading this recently, and this author has helped me articulate more clearly what I’ve been wanting to say. Humans are finite beings. There is nothing in humanity that has the innate quality of immortality within itself. According to the creation account […]

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